When parents separate or are living apart, it is a very difficult time for the children. Your children need your love and support through the separation process and the post-separation years, as your family adjusts to a new life.

The "For Parents" section of the website provides information and videos to help you and your children through the process of separation and to ensure that you make decisions in your children's best interests. Here you will find resources for separating parents about:

  • The experience of separating for adults
  • Guiding your child through the separation process
  • You and the other parent
  • Decision-making skills
  • Legal options and more...

The process of ending a relationship is a challenging one for parents and the children involved. As a community worker, you understand that there are resources which can help parents to deal positively with their family break up.

The "For Community Workers" section of the website provides you with tools that can help parents deal with their own emotions, help their children make a positive adjustment, create a new parenting arrangement, and make legal decisions in the best interests of the children and the parents. Here you will find a toolkit of resources categorized by these topic areas:

  • Client Assessment
  • Self-Awareness
  • Focus on the Children
  • You and the Other Parent
  • Finances
  • More Resources